Sociology Through Documentary Film

For a comprehensive list of documentaries and films pertaining to subjects in sociology, see the list below.

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  1. The Sociological Imagination
  2. Sociological Investigation / Research Methods / Research Ethics
  3. Culture
  4. Class Inequality / Corporations
  5. Crime/Criminal Justice System
  6. Drugs: Addiction, Alcohol, Tobacco
  7. Drugs: Drug War
  8. Ethnicity / Race
  9. Education
  10. Environment: Food, Water & Energy Industry
  11. Family
  12. Gender
  13. Genocide, Conflict, Human Rights
  14. Globalization
  15. Groups and Organizations
  16. Health, Illness, Medicalization & the Business of Health Care
  17. Immigration
  18. Law & Society
  19. Media & Internet
  20. Politics
  21. Religion
  22. Social Movements / Community Organizing
  23. Sexuality / Gender
  24. Socialization
  25. Social Networks
  26. Self and Society
  27. Technology
  28. Urban/Suburban
  29. Visual Sociology
  30. Work / Occupations
  31. Youth / Deviance

The Sociological Imagination

  • “56 Up” (2013). Directed by Michael Apted (140 min).  
  • The Up Series (1964-2005). Directed by Michael Apted (40-135 min per film).  A sociological cross-section of children in England are interviewed about their hopes for the future.  The children are revisited every 7 years as they progress into adulthood.  Each film in the series is emotional and moving.  Currently concludes with 56 Up.

Sociological Investigation / Research Methods / Research Ethics


Class Inequality / Corporations

Crime/Criminal Justice System

Drugs: Addiction, Alcohol, Tobacco

Drugs: Drug War

Ethnicity / Race


Environment: Food, Water & Energy Industry



Genocide, Conflict, Human Rights


Groups and Organizations

Health, Illness, Medicalization & the Business of Health Care


Law & Society

Media & Internet



Social Movements / Community Organizing

Sexuality / Gender


Social Networks

Self & Society


  • Digital Amnesia” (2014) Directed by Bregtje van der Haak (49 min). 
  • Panopticon” (2012) Produced, Written and Directed by Peter Vlemmix (57 min).


Visual Sociology

Work / Occupations

Youth / Deviance

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